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Craniosacral Therapy For Children

The aim of Craniosacral Therapy is to assist and support the body as it heals itself by harmonizes with the body's own natural energetic forces and movements. Therefore encouraging and enhancing the body's own natural healing abilities. When Craniosacral Therapy gently releases any chronic tension held within the body's tissues it will effect major changes on both the physical or emotional levels for the child. 

Some of the health conditions Craniosacral Therapy has been known to help and support in young children are ADD & ADHD, Dyslexia, Autistic & Asperger syndrome, Ear infections, Asthma, Digestive problems and Stress & Anxiety. These are just a few examples that Craniosacral therapy has been known to alleviate. Craniosacral Therapy helps a child to feel deeply heard.