Mrs Joan Colling

How long does the session last? 

The crystal therapy session will last for approximately one hour with a short consultation at the beginning, to discuss any concerns you may have and at the end of the session to discuss anything you may have experienced during treatment.

Crystal Therapy Fee:

First session with consultation and an colour  spinostic chart - Fee £50.00

Follow up session - Fee £50.00​

Crystal Therapy

Question & Answers

Grounding is a spiritual term, referring to centering the soul in the body and in turn connecting it with the earth. We must be grounded to be fully aware of our mind, body and emotions and when these connections are strong we are present conscious, and centered. We find it easier to focus our minds and make the right decisions for ourselves. We feel more safe, stronger and healthier and no matter what life’s challenges are, we remain calm, balanced and centered even when we are surrounded by chaos.

When a person is not grounded they do not feel a sense of security or connection to the earth. The person may feel very insecure, vulnerable and experiencing feelings of exhaustion and tiredness. They may also experience a lot of fear and anxiety in their day-to-day life.  Our body is a part of the earth’s mechanism and it is our natural process to reconnect ourselves back to it when we feel mentally or emotionally exhausted.

Crystals are the earth's natural healing tools and is a safe and relaxing way to connect back to the earths energies. A crystal therapy treatment re-aligns the body's (energy field), to support and promote an overall feeling of well-being. The crystals that are placed on and around the body set up a specific and complex electro-magnetic field. This energy acts to re-polarise any fields that are misaligned and to redistribute to them the correct energies to restore harmony back to both the physical and subtle bodies.


The crystals have a remarkable ability to transform, absorb, amplify and transmit energy. They also have been known to change independently on the energies that surrounds them so when crystals are used as a healing tool they can stimulate the body's energy flow so the client feels more balanced and in control.