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Craniosacral Therapy is a treatment that enhances the body’s own natural healing abilities. The therapy has a good reputation for its effectiveness in helping women in pregnancy and for many of the ailments of young babies and children. This gentle treatment can ease backache, improve digestive problems of pregnancy and give the expectant mother much-needed relaxation. It works rapidly and effectively to remove layers of shock, trauma and grief that can remain as memories in the body preventing it from re-balancing naturally. From the moment of conception a child’s life is a whirlwind of change and development. These many changes can bring along their own challenges and it can be helpful to have a range of different support tools to address these changes. Craniosacral Therapy is one such tool and is ideal for babies and children since the touch is extremely gentle and there is no need for clothing to be removed. The aim of Craniosacral Therapy is to assist and support the body as it heals itself. This light gentle treatment harmonizes with the body's own natural hydraulic forces and movements and  therefore encouraging and enhancing the body's own natural healing abilities. When Craniosacral Therapy gently releases any chronic tension held within the body it effects major changes in both the physical and emotional levels and well-being. In conclusion Craniosacral Therapy is useful as both a primary treatment method or as part of a treatment program combined with other traditional medicines or complementary therapies.