Craniosacral Therapy For New Mums

Craniosacral Therapy For New Born's

Some mum's bring they new born babies for craniosacral therapy after a traumatic birth as it as been known to be effective with trauma after a complicated birth such as ventouse extraction, forceps delivery or a C-section. Every type of birth has its own compressive force that may create restrictive patterns on a baby’s system during the birthing process, and usually nature as its own way of releasing these patterns. However sometime the baby may need a little support after a exhausting delivery to release any tension that maybe held within the system and causing the baby discomfort.  A baby's system can experience severe shock and tension after a traumatic birth. Craniosacral therapy can go a long way in easing any restricted patterns or tension, through the craniosacral therapist’s light touch and receptive listening. It can support and enhance the baby's own natural healing processes in releasing any after effects.

(Some conditions CRANIOSACRASL THERAPY has been known to help: Reflux - Wind Cramps - Sleep Disturbance  Torticollis - Tongue Tie - Flat Head Syndrome -  Baby Colic - Birth Trauma - Bonding - Lip Tie ). 

Craniosacral Therapy For Children​

Some mum's bring they children for a session of craniosacral therapy to support their child's well-being as children regularly respond well and quickly to a craniosacral therapy treatment. Childhood can be fraught with physical, emotional and psychological stresses, traumas and illnesses for which there is often no satisfactory answers provided by mainstream healthcare. Craniosacral therapy is a complementary therapy that provides parents with an often effective alternative to mainstream healthcare for their children. It is safe, gentle, non-invasive and drug free. Craniosacral therapy uses the sense of touch to sense physical, emotional and cognitive behavioral imbalances in the child's nervous system. The same gentle touch can be used to release stress and anxiety, balance tight muscle conditions, calm emotional issues and erratic thought patterns. 

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